Leaked images of Nokia’s new Android-based feature phone

Is Google attempting to revive long-abandoned feature phones?


Nokia has been on the rise ever since its comeback under the management of HMD Global. Its latest Android One smartphones have made a name for themselves as quality devices at affordable rates. While that rescued Nokia’s smartphone business from obscurity, it was still the top player in the feature phone market. Thanks to models such as the Nokia 8810 and redesigned 3310. With the leak of this Android-based feature phone, it looks like Nokia is strengthening its position in the feature phone segment.

Is this the first Android-powered feature phone?

An image from SlashLeaks claims that an Android feature phone is in development. The first thing we notice from the image is the home screen that is reminiscent of devices running KaiOS.

For those who aren’t familiar, KaiOS is an OS for feature phones that is made to help people transitioning from feature phones to smartphones. Android-based smartphones can often be overwhelming for newcomers. That’s where KaiOS comes in. It’s a very basic OS focused on people who are shifting from feature phones to smartphones. KaiOS is the third most popular operating system after Android and iOS, installed on nearly all feature phones. But with this leak, things have taken a turn. It seems like Google wants to compete with KaiOS by working on its own Android-based feature phone.

Could it be Nokia’s new feature phone? (via SlashLeaks)

The Android OS is very similar to that of KaiOS. For instance, the status icons on the top right are in the same order as in any other KaiOS device. We can also see Google’s standard microphone icon, which could indicate easy access to Google Assistant. Apart from this, we can see other Google Apps such as YouTube and Chrome. This indicates Google is trying to allow for seamless integration of its apps.

Why do we believe this phone is from Nokia?

On the only image leaked, the phone appears to be in a rubber casing that hides its branding. While the leaks claim it to be a Nokia device, we have another good reason to back up the claims.

From the image comparison, the similarity between the call/phone button on the leaked device and a Nokia phone is uncanny.