Samsung unveils ‘family hub’ fridge

Samsung unveiled the ‘Family Hub’ fridge at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The fridge takes ‘smart’ in smart homes to a whole new level and is the center of their smart homes concept.

The Family Hub fridge’s most glaring feature is the massive 21.5-inch full HD LCD resolution screen on the upper right exterior door. The large screen lets you use your phone to post, calendars, pin photos, share kids’ works of art, and leave notes.

The game changer in this fridge is literally inside the fridge. It has three cameras inside the fridge that let you see inside the fridge at all times.These cameras capture images every time the door closes.  Using your smartphone you can access those camera images and have a look inside your fridge at any point of time.

‘Even if you’re at the store and forget to check on what you need for dinner that night, the Samsung Smart Home app can take a look inside your Family Hub fridge,’ Samsung says. Consumers can also use the refrigerator to do online shopping, manage recipes, check expiry, plan your weekly shopping list and even share those lists.

Samsung has paired up with Mastercard to provide the online shopping experience. Betty Devita, chief commercial officer of Mastercard, said; ‘I’ve been testing this innovation in my home for a few weeks, and it’s made me realise how connected we all are.’