BenQ’s new projector is targeted at gamers

BenQ’s latest W1210ST home projector brings a 100-inch big-screen console into your house. The projector comes with input lag to ensure effective responsiveness while gaming. The projector also has gaming modes, claims cinema-quality sound and can project up to a 100-inch projection from a short distance of 1.5m.

Some of the key features include:

100-inch gaming

The BenQ W1210ST projects a 100-inch image to fill your field of view and works with the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and others. The W1210ST provides bigger, smooth and detailed visuals while gaming and the mobility of the projector ensures the gamer can choose to play where they want and when they want

Games modes

The W1210ST is the world’s first home projector optimised for low input lag to create a smoother and more responsive video game experience free from distractions and delays. The W1210ST also boasts microsecond DMD response times to eliminate unwanted motion blur. Customised Game modes further enhance performance under different play conditions.

Visual performance

The W1210ST’s 6X RGBRGB colour wheel and Full-HD ensure every scene is vibrant with natural tones and hues.


The W1210ST comes with CinemaMaster Audio+, powered by MaxxAudio and has a 20-watt speaker housed in a resonant sound chamber.

Short throw technology

Space is an issue for all of us today. BenQ says that with the W1210ST’s size and short-throw technology, you can use the projector and get the pleasure of a 100-inch screen in any room. The short-throw projector achieves 100 inches of viewing area when placed just 1.5 meters from the projection surface, and the 1.2X zoom allows even greater positioning freedom.

Pricing and availability

The retail price of the projector is Dh4,399 and is available in all leading retail outlets in the Middle East.

Whether the projector fulfils all the claims is yet to be seen. Keep an eye on this space for the full review of the device.