Latest Gmail update lets you retain formatting when copying content from the web


A few weeks ago, Gmail began a rollout of V6.11 with a small update that brings about a big change to how you write your mails. In the changelog posted on the Play Store we learn that pasting content from the web into Gmail will keep its formatting intact. Images and fonts will paste exactly as they were.

Android supports “rich copy and paste” that means you can copy content from one application into another while retaining the same style and formatting. As long as both the applications support the feature. With Gmail’s support, email life can become a lot more aesthetic. You no longer have to settle with Gmail’s basic formatting when pasting content within it. Gmail can recognize all formatting from the original webpage. This includes images, a border with background colors as well as header text. All elements can be modified inline.

Left: V6.10 Right: V6.11
Left: V6.10 Right: V6.11

Previous version could show HTML emails in replies but couldn’t be modified without converting to a basic text version and erasing all formatting. In the new version, all quoted replies can easily be edited inline.

Be it personal or professional email, most of us are on Gmail. A small change in features can drastically improve or destroy user experience because of how embedded Gmail is in our daily lives. This update is definitely aiming for the latter and honestly feels like something that should have been implemented a while ago. Better late than never. Incase you don’t have the latest version, you can get the APK here. The APK is signed by Google and will update your existing app. The cryptographic signature is a guarantee of file safety and hasn’t been tampered with. The APK removes the wait for the update to be pushed to each and every device and OS. Happy emailing!