Meet the world’s first Android PC, the Jide Remix


Users are keen to explore portable technology packing sufficient utility and power. Jide’s attempt at a portable Android PC garnered a lot of attention from the community. But is it functional enough to replace your current PC?

Design and Connectivity

The Jide Remix comes with all the necessary ports.

Without a doubt, the pebble shaped Remix Mini is the smallest computing device to run Android OS. It fits in the palm of a hand or inside a pocket and offers a lot to like in terms of appearance. The smooth finish blends with decor at home and the rubberized bottom prevents any slipping on a glossy surface. Packed with an Ethernet port, 2xUSB ports, a micro-SD reader, a HDMI-out port and the 3.5mm headphone jack, its connectivity suite rivals even certain high end computers. With support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it falls short only in not being able to support 5GHz Wi-Fi bands that led to some connectivity issues during usage.

User Interface and Operating System


With no touchscreen or control method, using the Remix Mini without an external keyboard or mouse is impossible. Wireless peripherals are an added bonus but wired ones do just as well, as long the cables are long enough. There is definitely a learning curve to using external peripherals if one was to set the Remix Mini as a PC in the living room but the device serves well for multimedia consumption like streaming videos. Despite running Remix OS, a skinned version of Android 5.1 Lollipop, the operating system remained very intuitive and friendly with no learning curve required.



The Remix Mini has a 1.4GHz Quad-Core All-Winner processor and 2GB of RAM. With access to Google’s Play Store library and Jide’s own limited application store, running applications did not pose any trouble. The device was capable of running multiple applications simultaneously but a slight stutter did arise when using memory extensively. Application switching was also not tremendous with the limited RAM being the bottle-neck once again. Furthermore, certain games posed compatibility issues that are not encountered on Android devices nowadays. For instance, the inability to tilt to collect coins when playing Temple Run due to the lack of a gyroscope as seen in the video above.



While the Remix Mini remains the smallest PC to run Android, it comes at a slight cost. The burden of constantly having a power source nearby and having to carry a HDMI cable (included out of the box) for connecting to a display and peripherals like a mouse and a keyboard may put the user off. But if that poses no issue, the Remix Mini is more than capable of serving as a PC on the go and a multimedia streaming device when at home.



Available for AED260 , Jide’s first attempt at this invention is very good. Improvements can be made in terms of raw processing power as well as making the current and their future devices more functional and responsive to voice input. The Remix Mini will certainly not replace your current PC but it will undoubtedly ease workflow when on the go.