Is OnePlus’ Concept One its foldable smartphone?

According to OnePlus, concept will have an alternate design and future


Last week, OnePlus sent out invites for a special even that will take place during CES 2020. According to the invite, the event will take place in Las Vegas from 7 January to 10 January. Pete Lau, the founder and CEO of OnePlus has promised to show us something special. But what could it be?

Concept of what though?

It is fairly evident from the name that the product that will be showcased is going to be conceptual. This could be OnePlus’ new TV finally making its global debut. Or new OnePlus earphones or maybe a smartwatch. Considering OnePlus has released a number of impressive smartphones over this year, we think another smartphone is out of question. Or is it?

Would you prefer a Samsung Galaxy Fold style design?

While OnePlus has delivered hit after hit when it comes to its flagship series, it is yet to have its say on foldable smartphones. With 2020 being the year of foldable smartphones, this seems like a valid punt. And in fact, industry watchers close to The Korea Herald, which is a fairly reputable source say that OnePlus will indeed announce a foldable smartphone. Unfortunately, we do not know anything on the form factor. But it could either be a tablet-like device like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. Or, it could be a clam-shell smartphone such as the Motorola Razr or the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

How it could work

We know how OnePlus broke into the scene six years ago. It offered flagship-like specifications for a fraction of the price. And the company could be aiming to do the same with foldable smartphones this time around. That is, delivering a premium foldable smartphone experience for a fraction of the price. For now, these are just speculations. But luckily, the even is drawing near so we do not have to wait much longer.


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