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Iran bans Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go has everyone on the run. A whole generation is moving more thanks to this game but that’s not necessarily a good thing. There have been various incidents with people walking onto main roads, crashing vehicles and trespassing on private and government property. Governments of countries such as the UAE and Kuwait have already expressed their concerns on such geo-centric games. Well, Iran has taken it a step further.

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Iran has completely banned the game altogether. The High Council of Virtual Spaces hasn’t given any specific reason for the measure apart from citing general “security concerns”. Iran could have been concerned with the large-scale gatherings which could lead to protests and such. Unfortunately it looks like the Iranians who are just looking to get on the Pokemon-catching bandwagon will have to find a workaround if they want to get their hands on the game.

This just goes to show how far and wide Pokemon Go has reached. A definite unprecedented reach and power are associated with the game. What do you think: Is a ban a bit too extreme?