iPhone 7 waterproofing ‘confirmed’


Apple fans, you might have heard rumours that the next iPhone is waterproof, (the correct term is water resistant). Well another rumour has just come out of China ‘confirming’ the same.

Both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are expected to be waterproof.

Another rumour is said to be that they will also be using “new compound materials” to hide their antennas and do away with those plastic stripes for good.

Around 30-35 per cent of the iPhone 7 chassis will be made by Catcher Technology, which will remain the largest supplier of this component for Apple. The information above reportedly comes from a research firm analysing Catcher’s future sales.

The lead up to a new launch, with tonnes of rumours, is always a horrible time for iPhone lovers. It’s just such a long wait. But keep keep in mind this is the second rumour that might just turn out to be true.