Instagram’s Periscope-inspired Live Stories reach UAE

They may not be direct rivals, but mother companies Facebook and Twitter certainly are...


We’re struggling to remember the last time Instagram or any other Facebook-owned app did something new. Last year saw Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp take turns to appropriate Snapchat features not once, twicethrice but more than four times. Now the photo-sharing social network has turned its attention to Twitter-owned Periscope, with the Live Stories feature finally reaching the UAE.

Live Stories of a copycat?

In a recent interview ahead of the Periscope’s full integration into Twitter, Sara Haider, Head of Engineering, said, “We’re very flattered that other people consider live video to be so important” when asked about Facebook Live and its potential threat to her app. However, the company surely can’t be too happy about this development. Instagram has an active user base of more than 600 million, according to some estimates

Instagram Live Stories
Left: Periscope, Right: Instagram. Note the hearts…

The global roll-out of the service began last week, but we’ve only seen it appear in the UAE in the past few days.

Some may argue that there’s nothing wrong with adopting the best part of a service and improving on it. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.