Instagram retaliates against online bullying with new tools

Instagram feature Restrict

Instagram has launched a new set of tools to curb the rise of online bullying. The tools understand the patterns of online bullying and how people react to it. This comes after the announcement of Instagram’s successful tie up with Netflix.

As teenagers and adults have become addicted to the app, bullying has began to rise. By one estimate, nearly 80% of teens are on Instagram and more than 40% have been bullied on the platform.

Instagram against online bullying: artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been in the toolkit of Instagram’s fight against online bullying. A new update being rolled out notifies users if the comment they are about to post may be considered offensive to others. This feature gives the user an opportunity to rethink their comment and post a nicer response.

Instagram’s new feature: Restrict

Instagram Comment feature

Instagram is also involved in empowering the community to stand up against online bullying. Restrict is a new feature Instagram is testing that will allow users to restrict other users from unwanted interactions.

Restrict also prevents the targeted user from seeing your Active status on Instagram. Instagram believes Restrict will be easier to use than blocking the user, which may cause a tense situation to escalate.

Instagram has said that updates for these features will roll out soon.