Injustice 2: Trailer and Official Gameplay Revealed


Next year’s Injustice 2 is shaping up to be spectacular.

First the bad news, the game will be released on Dec 31, 2017. You can also go ahead and pre-order it here on the PS Store for $59.99.

Now, we all know exactly what to expect from Injustice 2, way before the Announce Trailer or the Official Gameplay reveal even dropped.

The usual NetherRealm fight game, broken up with an interesting storyline that urges you to fight through just to watch it.

The trailer starts off with Superman brooding before being attacked by the Flash. 30 seconds into the trailer and we get to see Flash armour up and trash the living SmallVille out of Superman before Batman shows up and returns the favour.

His victory doesn’t last for long, because everyone’s favourite (not) Justice League member Aquaman clocks him out with his trident. Bad move, because Batman then armours up too and ol’ Arthur’s now temporarily sleeping with the fishes.

Superman then hovers over Batman, only to be zapped away by *surprise* Supergirl.

Aquaman, Flash, Superman and Batman armour up – and then chaos.

The game allows you to build and upgrade your favourite DC superhero and personalise that hero with unique and powerful gear.

It is said to host a massive roster of superheroes and villains.


It even features Dex-Star a super-powered Red Lantern Kitty! Dex-Star’s got a pretty sad origins story too, you can read it all here if you like. Long story short, kitty was tortured, a Red Lantern Power Ring sensed his anger and rage – and flew straight to him.

Now enough of the kitty – let’s get back to the gameplay.

Yesterday’s Official Gameplay reveal shows us the Red Lantern Atrocitus take on Supergirl, Aquaman take on an armoured Grodd and the Dark Knight Vs the Man of Steel himself.

Pay close attention to Batman and Aquaman’s special moves featuring a certain jet and a certain fish!