Injustice 2: Middle East launch and first look


NetherRealm has been pushing the boundaries for fighting games since its first Batman game. Then it reintroduced us to Mortal Kombat and gave us a refreshed view on an age-old classic.

In 2013, it dropped Injustice: Gods Among Us into our laps, and we squealed with joy. We could finally play as our favourite DC Comics characters and play them against each other. Batman vs Superman, Flash vs Wonder Woman, Aquaman vs Green Lantern, and so many more.

This year, it is back with Injustice 2. While you may think that this is just the same game with a few more characters, and a major haul on the graphics, the game is so much more than just a one vs one brawler.

The premise

The premise is the same. It revolves around famous DC comic book heroes and villains beating the living daylights out of each other in epic battles and even more interactive arenas. The character roster has more than 30 playable icons at launch and with more to follow as DLC content.



In addition to the Single Player and Versus Modes, there is also the Multiverse mode, which allows players to play on an infinite number or Earths. The idea here is that each Earth has its own versions of the heroes and villains, arenas, and so on.


Gear system

This takes us to the the biggest change for Injustice 2, which is the addition of the gear system. The new mode adds an interesting RPG element to the whole game. Here, every fight earns a player points to improve the character with defensive and offensive capabilities, health and of course, how they look in different variations of their costume. This feature is a unique element and adds longevity to the game. Certain combinations unlock other bonuses such as hidden characters. Customisation options for each character are astounding and should keep many players entertained for a long time.


Injustice 2 is now available in the UAE in three versions for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is the Standard Edition for Dh269, the Deluxe Edition for Dh299, and the Ultimate Edition forDh419. These are available in all major retailers in the UAE.


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