Humax Media Player: Review


While discussing Media Players is quite an ancient topic, they still are the easiest way to make an older TV ‘smart’.  Lets be honest, walking to a store and picking up an “all new” Smart TV isn’t the cheapest idea in the world. Well that’s where media players come in. We recently got our hands on the Humax H1 Media Player. While the device is pretty old, the updated version recently made its way to this side of the world.

Humax H1 – Body and Build

The Humax H1 is a small little box of 88 X 88 x20mm dimensions. The top of the box has a matte finish while the side have glossy (slightly scratch-able) surface.

Inside the box you get 1 HDMI cable, a 12V charging cable and the remote (seen above).

The device runs Android, has a dual-core CPU supported by 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. At the back you’ll find the HDMI port, optical input, Ethernet port and power cable input. On the right side is a USB port and a micro-SD slot.

Humax H1 – Usage

There’s a whole lot of ways in which this device is really going to help if you have a regular ‘non-smart’ TV.

Once you’ve connected to your Wifi (which is a pretty simple process);

  1. You can stream quite a few TV apps such as Icflix, Starz Play, Go Online and even the Bein Sports app. You’ve also got Youtube. While some of these apps refused to work for me, it didn’t really create a major issue considering the next point.
  2. You can stream off your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  3. You can plug in any USB or micro-SD at any point. Thanks to its older specs, the unit seems to have issues with SDHC memory cards. While they do work, loading time is way too much.
  4. You can play any media on any one of your devices as long as they are all connected to the same wireless network at home.

Humax H1 – Conclusion

When I was offered to review this product I coincidentally did have an old Samsung which worked great but had no network access as well as just one USB port. Adding the Humax to it isn’t revolutionising, but considering the device is Dh299, its completely worth it.