Hub Zero, Dubai’s own indoor gaming park, opens to public


Do you have any plans for this EID weekend? Well, now you do. One of the newest MUST SEE attractions in Dubai is Hub Zero at the new expansion of the Citywalk. Hub Zero is an indoor gaming park which has some never seen before attractions.

(Don’t forget to check out our 360 degree walk-through at the end of this article).


Hub Zero

Here’s a few fun facts about Hub Zero that you need to know.

  • Hub Zero offers innovative experiences created in partnership with leading game developers, including Electronic Arts, Capcom, KONAMI, Micrsoft, and Square Enix
  • The state-of-the-art indoor entertainment destination will comprise a total of 18 thrilling attractions, rides and experiential zones
  • Hub Zero includes cutting-edge virtual experiences that will bring video games to life through advanced, innovative technologies
  • Visitors of all ages can “live the games” and become totally immersed in a vibrant and dynamic environment based on popular, world renowned intellectual properties
  • The total space at Hub Zero is 15,000 square metre complex spread over 2 floors.


Hub Zero: Attractions

Here’s a few of the attractions at Hub Zero you’ll get to experience.

  • Virtual Arena attraction, The only wireless VR experience in the world!
  • Plants vs. Zombies is a kids and toddler’s themed playground.
  • Hyper Drive is a driving simulator. This attraction features four high-tech single-seater motorsport simulators with 6 degrees of movements. Three 42″ monitors will provide wide field view of race track.
  • Resident Evil: Outbreak is an interactive 3D dark ride with virtual battle game experience.
  • Tiny Track Racers is a toddler’s karting experience, where kids race cars equipped with steering wheel and monitor.
  • The Double Agent attractions is a double laser maze.
  • The Final Fantasy attraction is a 3D immersion tunnel, where riders join main characters in their escape from Midgar.
  • Asura’s Wrath: The Awakening attraction is a 4D cinema with 46 seats and space for wheelchairs
  • Sports Academy area is a PES game stations and 2 multi-sport simulators
  • The Hero Zone attraction is an adventure climbing: adrenaline action zone secured with harnesses, including 8 activities such as high rope course, face to face climbing wall, stairway to heaven and leap of faith.
  • The Dragon age ride attraction is an exhilarating Robocoaster ride.
  • LAN Gaming has a total of 70 station.
  • At the karaoke area, there are six private beautiful karaoke suites with recording devices.
  • The lucky break area is a posh pool palace with 10 billiard tables of tournament sizes.
  • The Time Warp Arcade is a retro arcade for a trip down memory lane.


#GNTECH got an exclusive look inside Hub Zero last week. The experience was absolutely insane. Take a look for yourself. Here’s out 360 degree tour of Hub Zero.


  • Recruit Pass: Dh160 includes access to all attractions once (ground floor only).
  • Master Pass: Dh210 includes unlimited access to all attractions (ground floor only).
  • Hacker Pass: Dh260 includes the Fast Pass and unlimited access to all attractions (ground floor only).
  • Child Pass: Dh95 includes access to Plant and Zombies, Tiny Trackers and Double Agent.
  • Parent Pass: Dh55 which can be redeemed on Ground Floor attractions, food and beverages and in Cache Point.