Huawei’s Mate X takes a better step into the foldable segment


This year’s MWC announcements have already kicked off in full swing and Huawei joined the list of OEMs with announcements of the foldable Mate X smartphone at its Connect the Future briefing today.

The beautiful phone comes into the foldable scene, which isn’t even a week old, and already puts Samsung’s Galaxy Fold on the back foot thanks to many factors, most important of which is its almost perfectly flat design when folded.

Opened up, the Huawei Mate X stands at 8 inches tall with a aspect ratio of 8:7.1
Source: Huawei

Huawei Mate X: Design and build

While no one has yet had the opportunity to touch the device, we can discuss a lot about what we know for sure.

The body itself is wrapped all around in OLED flex-glass since the display folds on the outside. This is a huge bonus because when the device folds Huawei doesn’t need to worry about the screen creasing as is the case with the Samsung Fold. Folded, the Huawei Mate X is a mere (by foldable standards) 11mm thin and opens to 5.4mm at its thinnest point.

Say hello to Huawei’s patented Falcon Wing hinge
Source: Huawei

The hinge itself has a name, Falcon Wing, and squeezes in more than 100 components. The design has been patented too.

The reason we mention thinnest point is because Huawei used one side of the device to make a Lenovo Yoga-style grip, which acts as excess space for the camera, fingerprint sensor, antennas and more.

The speaker grill and charging port are on the bottom and the headphone jack is nowhere to be seen. The power button is on the right side and doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

Huawei Mate X: Display

Could this 8-inch display be to your liking?
Source: Huawei

This is one of the features of the Huawei Mate X that I think was the most well thought out. When open in all its glory, the Mate X measures 8 inches with an aspect ratio of almost 1:1 (8:7.1 to be exact). When closed, the front display becomes a 6.6-inch 19.5:9 ratio screen and the rear turns into a 6.4-inch 25:9 display.

While we didn’t get to touch the devices, from what we could see through the glass boxes they were placed in, the display didn’t seem to have the crispness our displays have today. I mean that both physically as well as visually but that all these minute details are still yet to be seen.

Huawei Mate X: Camera

There is no confirmed news on the specs of the camera yet
Source: Huawei

There is no major indication on the exact specs of the camera but there are three on the back with Leica branding. Obviously due to the availability of the rear display when the phone is folded, the rear cameras are now there for your selfies too.

Huawei Mate X: Power and storage

The Huawei Mate X will be powered by the Kirin 980, which will be supported by 8GB of RAM. The device will also come with the company’s own Balong 500 5GG modem. Now there’s no reason for everyone to really be excited for 5G since its availability and affordability make it inaccessible to most people,  but it’s good to know that the device is futureproof.

The Mate X will come in one configuration with 512GB of storage and will be expandable via Huawei’s own Nano Memory Cards, which can be inserted in place of the second SIM slot.

The right side of the phone also acts as grip placement, along with place for the charging port and speaker
Source: Huawei

Huawei Mate X: Battery and charging

All this display and power is definitely going to be a massive drain on the battery. Huawei’s Mate X will come with a 4,500mAh battery to keep the device running (in our estimation, at least a whole day).

In the scenario, where you do need a top-up, the Huawei Mate X will charge at 55W, which can top-up 80 per cent of your battery in just 30 minutes.

Multitasking is obviously a focus on this productivity device
Source: Huawei

Huawei Mate X: Pricing and availability

The Huawei Mate X is going to be available for €2,299 (about Dh9,577) and is said to arrive in mid-2019.

The rear display is a 6.4-inch display when the phone is folded and also acts as your screen for your selfies
Source: Huawei

Huawei Mate X: Final thoughts

It’s quite early to be drawing positive or negative conclusions about the phone, but considering the few futures of foldable phones we’ve been shown, I definitely like Huawei’s the most right now.

While the pricing on such phones is still debatable, considering everything else, the Huawei Mate X seems to be the direction foldable phones should be going in for the near future.


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