Huawei might be redefining wireless charging this year


I’ve never really understood all the hullabaloo about wireless charging. The technology is great on paper but unfortunately still nascent. Apart from being a cool gimmick, there’s no real upside as the charging is far too slow and you’re still connecting something to a wall socket.

Samsung’s Qi-certified Wireless Charger Duo looks cool but delivers a very average charge. OnePlus 6, having a glass back, was rumoured to debut wireless charging on its latest flagship. However at launch fans were left disappointed. Apple gave users wireless charging with its iPhone X and iPhone 8, but again no real support on faster charging speeds.

Huawei to redefine wireless charging

Huawei may be on course to change all that. The latest rumor churning on the mill is that the upcoming Mate 20 will offer the fastest wireless charging the industry has seen. The Mate 20 is set to launch this October with marginal updates from the P20 Pro. The “fastest wireless charging” will be Huawei’s way of differentiating this model as well as continuing to make a dent in the smartphone industry.


The rumor comes thanks to a leak on Chinese social network Weibo. It shows a Huawei wireless charger with model number LZ80, supporting the Qi wireless charging standard. The main point to note from this image is that it will support a 20W output. That number is what alludes to Huawei on par to set a new standard in the wireless charging game.

Huawei’s wireless charging future

To put Huawei’s 20W wireless charger into perspective: Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo supports a meek 9W and the iPhone X an even meeker 7.5W. There are third party chargers that go up to 15W. On the other hand, the Qi standard is only able to support up to 15W so it’s unclear what the final product and offering will be. One possibility is that Huawei will deploy a custom chipset to make up for the difference. Another possibility is that this charger will support Qi as well Huawei’s custom wireless standard created specifically for the P20 and its future devices. This ensures the wireless charger work with any phone and Huawei’s as well.

While smartphone makers are just “phoning it in” or not bothering with wireless charging technology, Huawei is going straight for innovation. Considering all the advancements the smartphone industry has seen in recent years and its subsequent saturation, phone makers need to find new avenues of innovation, real innovation, to get everyday users to want their annual launches. Huawei’s getting me excited, for the first time, on wireless charging tech and I can’t wait for confirmation on these rumors.

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