Huawei Watch Fit Review – An affordable smartwatch with a flagship feel


Finding for the perfect smartwatch or fitness tracker has proven to be quite tasking. Either they’re too small or too big. Too expensive on most occasions. I’m not an athlete but I do try my best to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. So when I was offered the opportunity to check out the Huawei Watch Fit, a Dh399 smartwatch with a feature list straight out of a flagship model, I had to check it out. Here’s what I thought.


To start with, the Huawei Watch Fit looks like an elongated Apple Watch. It’s a vertical rectangle and I initially thought this would be quite uncomfortable for my skinny wrists but I was wrong. It fit perfectly well! The Watch Fit is slim at 10.7mm and weighs just 21 grams (with the straps). Often I’d forget it was on my wrist thanks to how light it was. Wearing it to sleep was easy too. 

The body of the Huawei Watch Fit is also 5ATM water resistant which worked out great for me as recently I formed the habit of swimming a couple times times a week. 

I have the Mint Green version of the Watch Fit but it is also available in Sakura Pink and Graphite Black. Unfortunately, the straps aren’t interchangeable. You’re committed to the color you choose. 


Considering the price of the smartwatch, I was genuinely expecting a cheaper, possibly pixelated screen but to my surprise the display is an absolute pleasure to look at. The Huawei Watch Fit comes with a 1.64” AMOLED screen (456×280 resolution) which is pretty bright, crisp and easily legible under the sun.

It’s ‘tall’ form-factor proves extremely capable and is very responsive. I saw no signs of lag in my use. 


The Watch Fit comes with a 180 mAh battery and charges with a proprietary two-pin charger. The device take under 90 mins to charge (assuming you’re charging from 15-20%). A lot of smart watches make claims about their battery-life, which don’t translate to reality. The Watch Fit promises about 10 days of battery-life. I found this to be true on most fronts except if I went out for a run and switched on GPS. Yet again, Huawei shows it prowess as far as batteries are concerned. 


It’s when we come to the software that I really wished the Watch Fit had a bit more to offer. The Watch Fit comes with Huawei’s Lite OS (also found on the Watch GT series) which in its own world is pretty feature rich. As soon as you get the watch on you have access to an immense amount of information including your stress levels, heart-rate, activity level as well as you blood oxygen (SpO2), measurement. 

You can tweak your notifications, settings, alarms and more right on the watch and have even more control on the Huawei Health app. There is a lot of information on the watch that you can get right from Day 1 but there are two things I wish it had. Firstly, I wish there was a possibility for third party apps. And secondly, I wish there was some gamification of my stats by sharing it with friends and such. 

While the Watch Fit will satisfy most needs of the everyday person, there might be a few prosumers out there who need a little more from their smartwatch. 

The Watch Fit also comes with a few watch faces which can be customized whenever you wish. This too is another department where third party involvement could really help making this even more attractive.

Fitness and Heath Tracking 

The Watch Fit comes with 90+ workout modes and 12 fitness courses. The fitness courses include core workouts, stretches and fat burning exercises while the workout modes include everything from walking, running, strength training, cycling to dancing, Pilates, martial arts and more. 

The Watch Fit is definitely useful outdoors thanks to its GPS, but I did find it takes a bit to detect the signal. There’s no altimeter, so if you’re a hiking enthusiast you might want to keep this in mind. 

General tracking of reps and swimming strokes is pretty consistent, but I did find the heart-rate tracker to be a slightly inaccurate. When compared to a friend’s Apple Watch I found the heartrate on the Watch Fit to be a slightly higher. I don’t think this is a huge issue as anyone who is buying the Watch Fit isn’t getting this for exact figures but more as a guide in the process of getting more fitter. If you’re looking for advanced statistics and figures, the Watch Fit is definitely not for you. 

Sleep tracking on the watch is very good too. Not as detailed I would’ve liked but I’m sure that’s something Huawei can fix with a software update. 

Should you buy it?  

If you’re looking at a smartwatch or fitness tracker at this price range, most brands tend to make you feel doubtful about the fact that this is all you want. There’s always something missing and the brand attitude is that this is a cheaper device, and this is all you deserve. 

The Huawei Watch Fit is the exact opposite of that concept and I love it. At no point did I feel that I’m using a ‘cheaper’ product from a series or brand. It covers all the workouts and exercises I do and has genuinely satisfied my every need as an active person in 2020. 

For Dh399, the Huawei Watch Fit is a definite choice if you’re on a budget and need a companion on your fitness journey. With the Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30 coming up at the end of this month, this might be good choice if you’re planning on participating.


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