Huawei still unwelcome in America

Huawei Roadshow

It is no secret that most Chinese smartphone manufacturers want to enter the US market at some point. Xiaomi is definitely interested and so is Huawei. It is also known that the US market is very heavily saturated currently. Making a stand among the local competition will be difficult for the Asian tech giants.

With Huawei, we recently saw the launch of the Mate 9 and its numerous variants, including the Porsche edition. According to the Wall Street Journal, Huawei is looking to launch the device in the States. The expected launch is to be in January 2017, but the rumours don’t offer any information on pricing and availability. It must be noted that the sales will most likely take place through online retailers and not through carriers.


Even though the brand is doing so well worldwide, it has yet to gain acceptance by US carriers and their markets. This is due to a multitude of reasons, the top national security concerns. Even though there isn’t any evidence that any of the Chinese manufacturers use their products to eavesdrop on the USA, a congressional report released a few years ago said that they should be wary.

Huawei supposedly faced numerous “technical hurdles” in the US market as well making it difficult time for the company. Huawei follows Samsung and Apple in the top 3 spots as phone makers. This still doesn’t qualify them to eligible to enter American markets anytime soon though. Even Australia has banned the manufacturer due to similar espionage concerns.

The phone is available in European markets, even if it’s only a few of their models. Investments in advertising, contracts with local retailers and football teams resulted in an increase in its market share in this region.


Currently online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are selling Huawei smartphones in America. Any other information on pricing and availability of the brand is uncertain