Huawei revenue records 23.2% YoY growth in the first half of 2019

Did the company truly face no loss under the US-Huawei trade war?


The telecom equipment and smartphone giant announced that its revenue grew 23.2% to reach USD $58.31 billion in the first half of 2019. This announcement comes despite Huawei facing headwinds in the form of trade restrictions that the U.S. slapped on it.

According to Huawei’s Chairman, Liang Hua, operations are running smooth and the organization is as sound as ever. He also states that Huawei’s revenue and business have remained robust for the first half of 2019.

Huawei ‘s revenue in 2019: Growth so far

Huawei’s carrier business has reached sales revenue of USD $21.29 billion in H1. The company was successful in securing about 50 commercial 5G contracts subsequently shipping more than 150,000 base stations around the world. In addition to this, the company has also seen steady growth in the production and shipment of equipment for wireless networks, optical transmission, and other related products.

The enterprise business has also brought significant sales of USD $4.59 billion to Huawei ‘s revenue.

Huawei enterprise booth at an exhibition (via Huawei)

Cloud, artificial intelligence, campus networks, data centers, Internet of Things, and intelligent computing are some of the major contributing factors to this sector. Huawei’s consumer business remains the top contributor with sales revenue of USD $32.1 billion.

Huawei P30 Pro smartphone (via Huawei)

Huawei’s smartphone shipments (including Honor phones) has seen a growth of 24% YoY reaching 118 million units in H1. The Chinese company is also seeing a growth in the shipments of its tablets, PCs, and wearables.


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