Huawei P30 Pro: Dual view video!

Dual-view is a feature worth trying!


With Huawei’s latest EMUI software update, the P30 Pro received a new camera feature called dual view. The phone already has an impressive camera suite. But how does the added feature improve it?

What is dual view?

Effectively, dual view allows you to use two of the phone’s cameras simultaneously. In this case, it is the ultra-wide angle lens and the telephoto lens.

Dual view lets users take advantage of two lenses simultaneously in video

Recording in Full HD+ resolution, this gives you a unique experience. It is handy for recording products as well as focusing on certain things while out and about. Especially during your travels, you could use this feature to capture a wide-angle view and hone in on certain points of interest.

How does it perform?

In spite of it being new, dual-view performs well across multiple scenarios. It is a bit difficult to get used to seeing two displays at once. But thereafter, there is not much to scrutinise.

You can zoom in on certain points of interest without losing your overall view

Rapidly zooming in and out does make performance a bit choppy, mainly because the phone is transitioning between optical and hybrid zoom. But this is not something major. On the overall, dual view brings about a great real-world use case scenario.

Can dual view improve?

Of course it can! Over time, I can see Huawei offering the ability to record in full 4K resolution. Another neat trick could be the ability for users to switch from the ultra-wide mode to the standard wide mode, mainly because the ultra-wide sometimes offers too large a field of view, which may not always be required in certain situations.

What do you think is next for dual view?

A similar feature for photos may also not be far off. Users could take one ultra-wide photo and another one that is focused more on a particular part of the scene. But in a nutshell, dual view is an extremely innovative step from Huawei. And it will be exciting to see how it improves.