Huawei Matebook could arrive in 2016


Not too long ago, no one knew on this side of the world what Huawei was. A few people were aware that it was one of the biggest smartphone brands in China. Three years ago, people in this region started becoming aware of Huawei being a Chinese phonemaker, referring to the low-end phone segment. Last year, Huawei changed all of that. And this year, its rumoured Matebook could change things further.

Going luxury

Huawei tied up with Google to create the brilliant Nexus 6P (personally, my favourite phone of 2015). The brand’s own line-up included the Mate 8, Mate S and Mate 7, also great devices. A sub-brand, Honor, was launched. It had the roaring Honor 7 and the new Honor 5X. Huawei skyrocketed to become a globally appreciated premium brand.

Now, in the latest rumours out of its home country, Huawei might be all set to enter the PC segment. Multiple sources are claiming that the Chinese giant will be launching its first laptop at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The rumours have been around for a while now, especially after Huawei trademarked the name Matebook last year.

Matebook in the making?

Tech specs aren’t available yet but two rumours seem to be constantly poppping up. One is that users will have a dual-boot system with Windows and Android, or their choice of OS with the same specs. The second: Huawei will partner with Intel to power the Matebook.

Huawei earned a profit of $5.5 billion (Dh20.2 billion) last year on a revenue of $46.5  billion. An incredible feat for a company employing over 170,000 people.

When Windows 10 came to be, people said it would revive the rapidly depleting PC market. It hasn’t shown any signs of any change since. Could Huawei help this market? and how so? We saw the Media Pad 2 last week, and if that’s any indication of Huawei’s attempts into the large screen market, it could be quite an exciting segment for the company.