Huawei Freelace: Unboxing and first look

Could these become the go-to choice for neck band style wireless ear buds?


Huawei’s Freelace buds are an apt choice for wireless listening, whether casually or for working out. With IPX5 certification, they could accompany you to your next gym session. But what do you get out of the box at Dh299?

Hardware features

The unboxing experience for these earbuds is premium. They come with relevant paperwork as well as interchangeable tips and a USB-A to female USB-C adaptor.

The Freelace comes with a trendy yet premium all-round build quality

As for the Freelace, it comes in a comfortable rubber finish. This allows the ear buds to rest nicely on your neck when idle. Furthermore, the rear of the ear buds are magnetic. This means that they will automatically join up to remain tangle free.


Powered by Bluetooth, the pairing procedure is relatively simple. Holding the power button for up to four seconds initiates pairing mode and the headphones can be seen on your phone’s Bluetooth menu.

USB-C charging and pairing support is convenient to have

However, if you own a Huawei phone, the pairing process is simplified further. With a phone running EMUI 9.1 or higher, simply plugging the headphones into the phone via USB-C will pair them. This is based on Huawei’s HiPair functionality and will help users expand on their current ecosystem of Huawei accessories. We just wish the pairing process took place wirelessly just by bringing the neck band close to a Huawei phone.

Battery life and quality

With regular usage, we will be able to tell how the battery life on the Freelace is. Additionally, reverse charging support is neat whereby plugging them into your phone will charge them. So far, sound quality has also been great with no connection or latency issues. Usually, buds like these have a small delay when watching YouTube content but I have not encountered that which is a good sign. With time though, we will be able to test the Freelace out in different scenarios and give a better assessment.