Huawei announces the Honor 8 Pro and it’s better than the P10

If that wasn't cool enough, the Honor 8 Pro's box also functions as a Google Cardboard headset

Honor 8 Pro

Honor is Huawei’s sleek little mid-range brand. Its purpose has always been to bring the best of the brand in a cheaper price tag to the masses. With the Honor 8 Pro announcement today, Huawei seems to be competing with itself. The Honor 8 Pro is a feature-packed phone worthy of the flagship name with a Honor-level price tag.

The Honor 8 Pro whips up a crazy spec sheet with Huawei’s very own Kirin 960 chipset with four 2.4GHz cores and four 1.8GHz cores. It has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage. Huawei’s EMUI (5.1) OS was built on top of Android’s latest Nougat. It also comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display and packs a massive 4,000mAh battery. The clicker on the Honor 8 Pro is a 12MP dual camera with an improved blue light filter from the original Honor 8 with a new feature co-developed with GoPro called Highlights. The feature automatically creates video stories from what’s available in the gallery, similar to what Google Photos does with its Assistant.

Honor 8 Pro
Pre-orders open in Europe from the third week of April

Huawei brings machine learning features to the Honor 8 Pro to optimise device performance, through means such as predicting when you’ll launch your Facebook app so that it decreases the app’s load time. Its algorithms promise to delay eventual device slowdowns due to time’s brutal decay of hardware performance. Users can expect 80 per cent efficiency from the device after 500 days of usage. It all sounds very promising.

The Honor 8 Pro excels in design when compared to its predecessor. It has rounded corners with a matte aluminium finish, with the antenna bands running at the back. You can see the iPhone’s influence immediately. Manufacturers aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel in smartphone design because they know even Android fanatics can’t deny the beauty in Apple’s design.

An interesting aspect of the Honor 8 Pro comes in its packaging. Huawei has created a unique box that converts into a Google Cardboard. That’s nifty! It saves waste and gets the power of VR into a lot more hands that haven’t yet experienced its glory.

The Honor 8 Pro is a curious launch for Huawei. It outdoes the current flagship P10 in specs by a margin and it’s significantly cheaper. Whatever Huawei’s logic, it’s a great time to be in the market for a smartphone. The official launch date for Europe is April 20 and it will be available in platinum gold, midnight black, and navy blue shades. There’s no indication yet on what local the launch date and prices will be, but the Honor 8 Pro is available to pre-order in Europe for €549 (about Dh2,154).