Here’s the easiest way to get your tech repaired while staying indoors

Fixerman is one of the few companies permitted to be on the road of the UAE, providing their door to door repair services


The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced us to work and learn from home. Luckily we live in a technologically advanced world which allows us to do so. Video conferencing on our smartphones and laptops have definitely been a life saver. It’s all great when everything is working fine.

But we all know that even our tech fails us from time to time. Home grown start-up, Fixerman, is one of the few service centres that is still operating following the curfew announcement by the government in the UAE on Saturday. Fixerman is comprehensive ‘mobile’ service centre capable of conducting all phone repairs and other services at the remote location of the customer.

Fixerman: Timings

Recognising the importance of stable devices during this time, Fixerman has been given clearance to operate from 8am to 2pm to provide device care services that we need. Taking the latest Covid-19 precautionary measures, the technicians are equipped to ensure that your device is healthy and safe for you to stay in touch with the outside world. Faulty devices can now never be a reason why you cannot place that groceries order, continue your business or learning or communicate with your loved ones.

Maintaining Tech Hygiene

According to several studies, it has been determined that cell phones carry microbial life at any given time. A variety of bacteria, virus or germs can be accumulated on your device for lengthy periods of time even after you take all the preventive measures to protect yourself. The first rule of thumb through this outbreak is handwashing, staying home while you are sick and cleaning commonly touched surfaces. Fixerman will also be providing its customers with free sterilization with every repair. Moreover, the team will also offer an all-inclusive Fixerkit where you can find all the needed equipment to sterilize your device at home.

If you have a broken device that is in need of a repair, get in touch with Fixerman now at 800- FIXME (34963). 


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