Horizon Zero Dawn: E3 2016 Gameplay


At E3 2016, Guerrilla Games give us another glance at its upcoming open-world action role playing game, Horizon Zero Dawn. If you’re not familiar with the title, you may remember a game about robot dinosaurs that could be hunted, revealed at last year’s E3.

The game takes place on a world called Horizon, not unlike our own where the main protagonist is a woman hunter named Aloy. The setting takes place 1,000 years into a post-apocalyptic world controlled by robot-mecha-dinosaurs known as Machines. They keep watch over the lands, while keeping groups of enslaved tribespeople locked behind fortified walls. But Aloy is an outsider (obviously), and chooses not to play by their rules. Guerrilla tells us that, “She wants real answers, instead of the stories her tribespeople tell her about the origins of the Machines.”

During her hunting expeditions, Aloy travels outside of her settlement’s walls, into unknown, dangerous and fearful outlands. Thankfully, she’s a skilled archer and fighter, and has an arsenal of skills and abilities at her beck and call to fight and take down the Machines.

horidawn4 Her attacks are made up of ranged bow attacks, with offensive capabilities and even one to subdue and tie her foes down. Aloy also has a “focus”-type power where time slows down to allow her to hit targets in critical areas more effectively. As with most special skills, this focus power can only be used so many times before it must be recharged.


She also has a couple of powerful melee attacks and a range of projectile based ammunition. Fire bombs and Ice bombs are included, much to our glee. Aloy complements these impressive combat skills with her nimbleness and agility, allowing her to dive, roll and jump out of the way with ease, all while firing her bow from the hip.

Her enemies are quite varied and very well created as well. There are a group of robosaurs called Watchers, who keep watch over larger, more lumbering enemies that look like mechanized cattle. All of the mechanimals from the game-play show move naturally, even though they are made of mechanical moving parts. One cool feature allows Aloy to ride some of these creatures, enabling faster travel and more versatile attacks, as if from horseback.


Already facing a delay, Horizon Zero Dawn is expected to come out on February 28th, exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4.


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