honor’s Global Mega Sale – time to shop?

honor carnival

For three days, starting today the 6th of April, the carnival will see several promotions, offers and activations running on the honor e-store www.HonorArabia.com.

If you prefer to check out what’s on offer, click or tap on this hyperlink right here.

The honor World Carnival has been around for the past two years. It’s an online event where prices are slashed and customers go crazy. This year, for the first time, the Middle East will be taking part in the festivities as well.

The carnival also features several promotions and fan activities, one of them being the honor Blue competition. Find out more here.

The sale focuses on honor’s 4X device – the fastest selling device sold on Souq.com ever. But you could also pick up the well-known honor 7 for Dh1,199 (actual price Dh1,399) or the honor 5X at Dh849.

Other accessories such as covers, screen guards, Bluetooth speakers and earphones are also available, however not all are on sale.

For example, the Huawei X2 is priced at Dh999 – similar to everywhere else. And the Huawei watch is priced at Dh1,299, however you could pick it up on souq.com for Dh999.

“As part of Huawei and honor global, the Middle East market is seen as a key part of the brand’s 100 per cent year-on-year growth and is currently delivering a 15 per cent contribution to Huawei’s extensive progression here. As one of the key global markets, our consumers in the Middle East can now take part in our honor World Carnival for the first time, of which we are very proud. 2016 is the second year of this grand promotion going worldwide – it receives huge attention in many regions and nations, and is of great importance to the brand’s global strategy. The honor World Carnival highlights how we continually strive do things differently by giving back to our end-users – it also allows us to drive brand awareness in what is a relatively new market for us.”
Chris Sunbaigong, Vice President of Huawei honor.