Honor joins the 5G race


Chinese smartphone maker Honor has revealed plans to release 5G-capable devices that compete with the best in the market. Honor spokespeople have publicised that the first such device should be available to the public later in 2019.

5G Network Releases

This announcement comes on the heels of the UAE and Saudi Arabia rolling out 5G network technology, making Honor one of the first companies to release a such a device in 2019.

Honor 5G Benchmark?

Honor’s release of the first 5G device will set a benchmark for future devices while also providing customers a certain level of expectations for the next generation of 5G devices.

Honor 5g announcement
Honor 5G Announcement
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At an event in Beijing, George Zhao, the president of Honor, made some bold claims in regards to the company. Zhao claims the phone will be the world’s first and that the launch of the device will propel the brand to stardom.

Reflected by the success of the Honor 10i, Honor has seen rapid growth over the past few years. It can be mostly accredited to its affordable devices that pack the same features as the best in the market. Due to this, we believe these devices will be popular, with the prices falling somewhere in the early Dh3,000s.