HDMI Cable Upscaler – yes you read that right


In conjunction with the CES Show, PCT Brands have a few cool gadgets at CES this year such as portable batteries, speakers and drones.

One of them that stands out from the rest is the mCable by Marseille – a HDMI solution that improves television picture quality.

The mCable basically upscales any 480p/720p input to 1080p and 1080p to 4K.

The cable works with any device with an HDMI output as well as video game consoles. It also improves Blu-ray content, as well as DVD and television content.

It’s processor filters and enhances video content before it reaches your screen thanks to certain contextual processing algorithms that analyses each pixel in its context to determine the most suitable processing for the pixel.

Also, the mCable is the only cable 4K Image Certified by Technicolor, Hollywood’s premier technology provider.

The cable is available for $139.95 here.


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