Halloween special: 13 apps to scare your friends with


Halloween is here, and it’s time to scare away a few spirits. But since you might have a tough time finding spirits in Dubai (jinns are illegal), you could instead try scaring your friends, foes and coworkers with our selection of 13 prank apps.

Warning: Do not use these apps on your bosses.

Also, these pranks are best tried in a plushly carpeted room — in case your victim drops the phone like a hot potato (or Obama).

GhostPic – Halloween Prank

ghost-picForget Instagram filters — today’s the day for horrible ghoulish effects. The GhostPic app takes normal pictures and adds ghosts, ghouls and mini devils to them — think of it as spirits photobombing your photos. The trick is simple: Click a picture of a friend, look at it and pretend to be horrified. When they demand to see the image, slowly turn the phone around with shivering hands. And there it is — the dim outline of a ghost standing right next to them! Or perhaps hovering over their head.

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Ghosts Pranks Halloween

ghost-pranks-halloween-1This app one-ups GhostPic by throwing in UFOs along with the ghosts. You get to choose from 56 ghosts and 32 UFOs. The latter come in various shapes — some even appear as balls of fire. So perhaps your scary masterpiece could artfully include both a ghost and a UFO. Maybe the story is that the ghost has hopped out of the UFO to haunt your friend. Or maybe the UFO has come to take her away — along with the ghost. The developer also adds you can mix in sounds of scary ghosts that could “cause a lot of fear”.

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Scary Ghost Movie Maker

ghost-movie-makerWhy stop at images when you can become Steven Spielberg and scare your friends with a video using just your phone? The Scary Ghost Movie Maker allows you to select frames from a video clip and overlay a monster on those. For example, take that video you shot while hiking through Ras Al Khaimah’s Jabal Al Jais. You can now embellish it with a ghostly character that pops out of nowhere and disappears seconds later. Then it is just a matter of getting your friend to watch that clip. But again, make sure you cover the floor with something soft, in case your phone ends up hitting the ground.

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Scary Prank Call

scary-prank-callImagine you’re at a restaurant with friends. Your phone’s on the table, face up and visible to everyone around. It rings. No, that isn’t Mark Zuckerberg calling you with a fancy job offer at Facebook. Instead it’s a scary character straight out of a horror flick who wants to have a word with you. That is, if you dare pick up the call. The app allows you to set the name of the character, photo and even a fake telephone number. Of course, if you can borrow a friend’s phone and slyly install this app, the impact will be even grimmer.

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Scary Voice Changer

scary-voice-changerWhat would you sound like if you were to turn into a zombie? Well, you can find out with the Scary Voice Changer app. It transforms your voice into a horror accent. And you have ample options to choose from, including vampire, evil clown and robot. There’s a serial killer option too. Besides, you could use these horror mixes as ringtones. Or call up your friends and, in a scary voice, threaten to steal their chocolate supply. Or perhaps the potted plant on their desk. Or worse.

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Scare Prank

scary-prankHow about handing over the phone to your friend, to show them this awesome new game that you have been playing. But, of course, when they try it out, a scary face pops out of nowhere and lets off a blood-curdling scream! Shock and awe! The developer warns that you should not try out this app on people with heart problems.  Also, your victim might end up so scared, that she could hurl the phone away! That’s all right for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but not for an iPhone 7. Consider yourself warned!

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Scare Your Friends

scare-your-friendsWith a name like that, the app leaves no ambiguity about its intentions. The prank is also rather straightforward — you choose a combination of a scary image and scarier voice, then you choose the time interval — think of it as setting an alarm. Then you switch over to another app and hand over the phone to your friend — perhaps to seek her help in figuring out something that has stumped you for a long time. And she is staring at the screen, absorbed in helping you out… well, you can guess what happens next!

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Halloween Sounds

halloween-soundsHook up your phone to wireless speakers and invite your friends over to listen to some music. If possible, dim the lights. And when your friends have been lulled by the music, switch over to the Halloween Sounds app. It claims to have some of the “most terrifying” Halloween sound effects that are guaranteed to scare your friends — here, you will find mummies, zombies, witches, werewolves, ghosts, Frankenstein and even Dracula. For maximum effect, you could switch to a speaker placed behind your friends before turning on these sounds.

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Scary Ringtones

scary-ringtonesThe app’s claim to fame is that it was ranked among the Top 10 apps in six countries. Only goes to show that people love scaring other people. Well, at least in six countries. The app offers scary sounds for ringtones, notifications or alarms. You can select from scary organ music, scary mom (we are not making this up!), spooky wolves sounds, terrifying music and “tons” of other scary sounds. So imagine the plight of your friends when you get a call in mid-conversation. Or the wolves start howling when a notification comes in.

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Makeup Halloween Photo Effects

makeup-halloween-photoMaking your selfies look good with special filters is so passe. Here’s your chance to make them look positively terrifying, And once you have done the makeover to your liking, you could circulate these images to your friends. Or post them on your social media pages. Makeup Halloween Photo Effects is a “face changer” app allows you to put stickers of “bloody wounds, deep scratches that reveal bones and skulls, stitches, etc”.  Pro tip: Ensure you do not post these images to a dating app.

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Vampire Photo Camera

vampire-photo-cameraThis one wants to turn you into a vampire. So you can take any nice selfie and scar it with horns on the head, bloodshot eyes and vampire teeth — even a single tooth if that is your preference. You get multiple choices for each category and can freely move and adjust the size till they look natural. Rather, unnatural. And you can package all this inside a “vampire frame” or a scary photo frame and send the masterpiece over to your friends and family. As a bonus, you get a live wallpaper which has ghosts flying around on the phone screen.

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Injury Photo Editor

injury-photo-editorWhy stop with your face, when you can scare your friends with images of bodily injuries? Fake ones, of course. For example, you could show off a few vampire bite marks. Or scratches doled out by the last zombie you bravely grappled with. Or perhaps turn yourself into a “scarface”. Apart from being great at Halloween parties and for scaring your friends, the developer claims the app can be used for days when you want to bunk work or school — if you ever try this stunt, do let us how it went off.

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Halloween Greeting Cards Maker

halloween-greeting-cards-makerThe developer wants you to look no further if you are a big fan of Halloween pranks, trick or treat, Halloween costumes and make-up, or maybe just a fan of horror movies. With the Halloween Greeting Cards Maker app, you can whip up scary ecards and send them to your friends. You can also post your creations on Facebook or share with your Instagram followers. The app includes a variety of virtual frames and decorations for your cards. Besides, you can add a Halloween related quotation or a sticker. Of course, the scarier you make it, the better. Or should that be worse?

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Please note: These apps are for Android devices, but you will easily find their equivalent — and then some — on the iOS side of the fence. Happy haunting!