Griffin to launch iPhone 7-friendly Bluetooth adapter for standard headphones

Your saviour in the new wave of headphone jack-less phones

Griffin Bluetooth adapter

Apple is spelling doom for traditional headphones with strong rumours pointing towards the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from the latest iteration of the iPhone. We’ll find out soon enough on September 7 but Griffin has already released a Bluetooth headphone adapter. The Griffin iTrip Clip is a tiny device that lets you plug in a headphone set and evolve it to a functioning pair of Bluetooth earpieces.

The design is reminiscent of old-school MP3 players though the functioning is very much current generation. There’s a big play/pause button in the center with a surrounding ring controlling volume and track skipping. The built-in mic lets you answer calls as well as chat with Siri. The device charges via microUSB to deliver six hours’ play/talk time. Worried about how you’ll play music in your car using your phone? The Griffin Clip is able to connect to the aux of your car as well. The iTrip Clip is coming soon and costs only $20 (Dh73). Bookmark this page as it ships to the UAE.

Griffin iTrip Clip 1

Griffin comes as savior to the cries of millions of smartphone users who don’t want Bluetooth headphones but will undoubtedly be buying the new iPhone 7. The first time we were served a notion as ridiculous as removing the headphone jack was from Apple, though Motorola beat iPhone to the punch with the Moto Z. It’s only a matter of time before more smartphone manufacturers go down this road and Griffin has opened up a product line that aims to put users at ease.

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