Google’s Pixel 2 facing hardware issues as well


Google’s Pixel 2 has had a rough launch. A variety of issues have been plaguing the the LG-manufactured Pixel 2 XL and now HTC’s Pixel 2 may not be entirely a safe bet either. No one expected this from Google and the respective manufacturers but it seems their quest for smartphone dominance, they may have fallen short. The Pixel 2 reportedly has clicking and high pitch frequency sounds, as per reports from some early phone users.

Google Pixel 2 issues

Google has been quiet on the matter with little to no public acknowledgement or pacification. However, the company is looking into the issue. A Google employee who is Community Manager at the official Pixel forum has stated that investigations are underway. We can only hope Google’s first batch was faulty in order to meet high demand and we’ll soon be swimming in perfectly functional Pixel 2 and 2 XLs.

Orrin also noted that the problem, which he says affects only a small number of Pixel 2 users, doesn’t affect the performance of the device in any way. As a temporary solution, he suggested turning off NFC.

Now what?

Where Google and the die-hard Nexus and Pixel fans go from here is unclear. There will definitely be a swath of people who will blindly buy the phone (assuming they can get their hands on it). There are others however, who will be reconsidering their choice altogether. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on how the latest Pixel phones fare along with monitoring any and all communication out of Google in this regard.