Google Pixel 5 XL leaks show a rather unappealing triple-camera setup

The Google Pixel 5XL's camera design is surprising


Of late, we have seen a few leaks of Google’s upcoming mid-range Pixel 4a. It is rumoured to launch sometime in the middle of the year. On the contrary, Google’s flagship Pixel series usually does not launch until much later in the year. Yet, we have already started to see leaks of an alleged Google Pixel 5XL.

Awkward triple-camera setup

Thanks to YouTuber Jon Prosser, we have gotten a look at the Google Pixel 5XL’s first alleged render. It seems that the render is based on a computer assisted drawing (CAD) file and Prosser himself wanted to verify the authenticity of it before going public with it.

This is one of three prototype renders which means on launch, this may or may not be the design the Google Pixel 5 series adopts. Apparently, the other renders have a square camera just like what we currently see on the Pixel 4 series.

Design features and build

While the render does not give us many details, the accompanying report does. The phone is said to have a textured finish on both the rear and frame giving for a soft touch or matte feel. As for the cameras, the extra third camera, we hope is an ultra-wide angle lens. The Pixel 4 got a lot of backlash for this omission given its price point and it is only fair Google addresses its mistake this time around.

Motion Sense

There is no indication from the renders on what the front of the Pixel 5 will look like. But given Google’s emphasis on Motion Sense with the Pixel 4 series, it is safe to expect its return. We just hope Google is able to cram this hardware into smaller bezels instead of the rather dated looking larger ones we saw with the Pixel 4. And if reducing the bezels means saying goodbye to Motion Sense, we would be more than happy with that too.