Google Measure now available on most flagship phones


Prior to launching the ARCore development kit, Google’s augmented reality apps were restricted to its Project Tango initiative and devices with specialized cameras and sensors. Google is now making its Measure app compatible with ARCore. The app allows you to measure everyday objects with just your phone.

Measure 2.0 is now available to download on a variety of devices including Google’s Pixel 2 and even its Nexus series, Samsung’s S9, Huawei’s P20 and a variety of recent flagships. Apart from being available to a much larger audience, the latest version comes with improved visuals and controls, making it easier to measure whatever you point your phone at.

As you launch the app, it will walk you through granting various permissions and details how to use the tool. Like with many other ARCore-powered experiences, Measure works best in well-lit areas and textured surfaces. After calibrating, a drawer at the bottom pop up and lets you drag a length or height tool into the camera viewfinder. Surfaces will be highlighted with a grid of dots. You can adjust the ends of the selected tool to refine your selection.

The app allows you to easily take a photo with a button in the top-right corner to save the measurement to your photo library. Toggle through the Imperial or Metric units and a feature called “Precision display” under Settings lets you choose between seeing exact measurements or rounded-off measurements with a +/- accuracy.

Google’s Measure 2.0 comes at the heel of Apple announcing a similar app for iOS 12 at WWDC just a week ago. Functional AR at our fingertips is slowly becoming a reality and we can’t wait to see what more features from Project Tango make its way to our devices.


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