Google Maps will now tell you where to park

Your trips to Dubai Mall just got a little bit smarter

Google Maps

As if Google Maps didn’t already do enough to get us from point A to B, it can now direct drivers to parking spots without us having to go around in circles for hours. Imagine driving all the way from the depths of Sharjah’s traffic to end up in Meena Bazaar and looking for parking for an hour for a five-minute errand. Hopefully, Google is going to change that with this new update.

Parking availability will be shown as a small blue P icon next to your destination. As you get closer, more descriptive text shows up to help you find that sweet spot. Currently this app is only available in select locations and in busy areas such as shopping malls, airports and attractions.

There are three scenarios for parking: Easy, Medium and Limited. If the situation shows a Limited amount of parking, the blue P icon turns red. The Google Maps app already knows where you work, live and your most frequented spots. Adding to this, parking could be a breeze in saving time and helping avoid a lot of frustration.

Hopefully, we’ll see the app update in the UAE soon. No one wants to spend more than the obligatory five minutes in Meena Bazaar doing something they don’t really want to do in the first place.


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