Google Keyboard’s latest update takes it to the next level


Google Keyboard is definitely one of the best keyboards out there today. It’s clean, it’s neat and its in-built gesture typing is amazing and intuitive of my swiping and writing behaviour.

Google just released a massive update to its keyboard that’s meant to compete with Microsoft’s decent SwiftKey. For starters, the keyboard is now a lot friendlier to one-handed use with easy access to the numbers and special characters’ pad. You can also change the number view to a dial pad view, which is by far the best update. All your favourite emojis also feature right on top of the pad, with the emoji screen button easily accessible on the right of the space bar.

Gesture typing has some additions as well. The way you interact with typed words has become a lot easier. The keyboard overall has a nice new look and interface that every stock Android keyboard user is sure to love. If it’s not in your Google Play store yet, it will be soon. If you haven’t used it yet, then we suggest switching right now!