Google Keyboard for Android comes up strong against SwiftKey

The G button on the keyboard lets you search for something without switching to another app

Google Keyboard

To the dismay of most Android lovers, Google released its Gboard (an updated Google Keyboard) on iOS first in May. Now, after a long wait, Gboard seems to be on Android too. 

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard hasn’t been rebranded yet on the Play Store but is available as on APK mirror app. You can download it from the link if you’re the impatient kind (at your own risk) or wait for the update since the roll-out has already begun. 

A key feature of Gboard is that it can type in multiple languages at the same time, something that was SwiftKey’s biggest trump over the app. You can type in up to three languages at the same time and can have a dedicated number row. This is a massive improvement for the keyboard since anyone who types regularly in multiple languages mainly had only SwiftKey as an option. 

New features

Glide is the new name of gesture typing and the emoji panel has been rearranged for some reason. You’ve even got GIFs on the emoji page, but the function is disabled for apps that don’t support it yet. 

The best feature is that the G button on the top right corner of the keyboard lets you run a Google search right on the keyboard itself. The search can instantaneously be shared to the chat or textual space you are on. 

We’ve only used the keyboard for a day but it seems to work absolutely beautifully and the G button is a fantastic addition to the keyboard. 

Have you got your hands on the app yet? Let us know what you think. 


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