Google could acquire HTC tomorrow

Google most likely to pick up HTC's smartphone division

Pixel 2 XL HTC
The original Pixel was a solid, premium and pricey smartphone debut by Google

There have been murmurs in the tech world recently regarding a major acquisition that may seem unexpected at first but makes complete sense once the thought sinks in. HTC is likely to be acquired by Google. The Taiwanese tech brand is a long-time partner thanks to Google’s old Nexus line and the new Pixel line. HTC has a record of making great devices but unfortunately has recently fallen short of making money. Google has a reputation of getting great devices being made and has no shortage of cash. It’s a match made in tech heaven.

HTC rumours

Bloomberg reported a month ago that HTC had an advisor on board to look into “strategic” options of bringing on investors or selling off parts of the company. HTC is big into VR and smartphones, both of which are interesting to Google. The search giant was also mentioned in the report as being one of the potential investors HTC was speaking to. We’ve reached the conclusion of rumours thanks to tweets from Evan Blass and news from the Taiwanese Stock Exchange claiming HTC will be suspending trade of their stock ahead of a big announcement.

So what happens next? 

Based on Blass’ tweets, Google will most likely pick up their smartphone manufacturing arm, leaving Vive with HTC to handle. Essentially, all Google wants to do is have full control over manufacturing gorgeous phones. It’s a better-late-than-never scenarios. Nexus was a long-time experiment for Google and Pixel was its final test before being sure of what they want to do in the smartphone world. Safe to say Android and Google will finally be able to go head-to-head with Apple: hardware and software all under one roof. It’s a great time to be a Google fanboy.

We’ll know more specifics when the announcement is made tomorrow. Rest assured we’ll be covering with a keen eye and ear to the ground.


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