Google buys Fitbit for Dh7.7 billion

Could this mutual agreement propel Google's Wear OS to new heights?


Google has just announced that it is buying wearable company Fitbit. In a blog post, Google’s senior vice-president of devices and services Osterloh said that this is an opportunity to invest even more into Wear OS.

This is no surprise

Google has spent years trying to break into the wearable market. It has failed on numerous occasions and has struggled to make a real impact.

Google may be able to leverage Fitbit’s data (via Smith Collection/Gado)

With its Wear OS platform and Fitbit by its side, fortunes could change. So when the news of Google being in talks to buy the company circulated a few days ago, it was a matter of when and not if. With Fitbit’s market cap at Dh5.87 billion, Google will pay above the odds with the deal set to close next year.

What happens now?

Fitbit’s hardware has always been great, which gives Google a much stronger foundation to build future Android-integrated wearable devices. Google already has a strong focus on fitness tracking with Google Fit and with this acquisition, Google could build a solid alternative to the Apple Watch’s deep fitness tracking integration with the iPhone.

How do you think Fitbit could benefit from this? (via Fitbit)

In addition to this, Google’s software skills and developer support could help Fitbit. Existing products like the Fitbit Versa may get a little smarter alongside a deeper software integration with the Android platform. In a separate press release issued by Fitbit, it has made it clear that the company will not use health and wellness data for Google ads and that it takes privacy seriously. Furthermore, it will remain platform-agnostic across both Android and iOS.


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