Google launches Allo and Duo for messaging and video

Allo Duo logos

At Google’s I/O 2016, the tech giant announced another messaging app to its already substantial line-up. This one is called Allo, which is being touted as a smart messaging app that is supposed to make your conversations more expressive and easier to conduct. The app relies on your phone number, and is mobile-only, unlike Hangouts. Allo isn’t intended to replace Hangouts, only supplement it.

Google Allo 2

Google AlloWhat’s special about Allo is that it comes with Google Assistant Integration, which provides deep machine learning capabilities. It also brings the algorithms that have made Google what it is directly into the app, helping you find information, get things done, and in general have fun. Users no longer need to switch from one app to the other to make reservations and check the weather. It can all be done via the Assistant.

The other supplementary app Google introduced was Duo, which is a simple, speedy one-on-one video chat app. This is also based on your phone number and will allow you to communicate with anyone in your phonebook who has the app. It’s meant to be very fast since it is based on Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC).

Google DuoOne very cool feature is Knock Knock, which shows the receiver who’s calling before they answer, kind of like a video caller ID. The calls are in crisp HD video and audio and seamlessly transition between cellular data and Wi-Fi.

Both Allo and Duo will be end-to-end encrypted for your privacy and security. Both will be available in the summer for Android and iOS.


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