God of War: Epicness Awaits


This is not the God of War you know. This is not the same Kratos even though he looks and sounds the same. Last year we witnessed a strange yet amazing game play demo at E3 2016, that showed us Kratos teaching his son, Atreus how to hunt, before being overrun by a giant Frost Giant like creature. This year we see more of that same relationship, with added monsters and an insight into the Norse influences in the game.


At first look, it immediately looks like a Father and Son journey for the ages. Those familiar with our mildly disgruntled protagonist are quite aware that the first few games had Kratos exacting brutal revenge over the death of his wife and daughter at his own hands. This came about after he was tricked by the Gods and so it seemed only right that he kill all of them and take their goodies.

In this game, however, it looks like he’s a foreigner in a strange frozen land and all he wants to do is hunt and not look his son in the eye as much as he can. But as circumstance would have it, he has to go on a journey with his offspring to teach him the ways of man and being one.

On this journey, Atreus and Kratos must deal with each other and it seems as though Kratos is trying to teach Atreus to be more of a God while Atreus is the one teaching Kratos to be more of a Man. We see hints of Norse mythology all over the trailer with the appearance of what looks to be Fenrir the Wolf and even the World Eating Serpent, Jörmungandr who is supposed to bring about Ragnarök. From these few intros and the overall feel of the trailer, we can expect quite an epic story line from the makers.

Game Play

As with most God of War titles, players can expect the usual hack and slash brutality they’ve so come to love all these years. But the thing that stands out is that its not as wildly violent as it once was. It seems more controlled, more realistic even mature.

First off, there are no Blades of Chaos. They’ve been replaced by a giant rune covered axe, that acts very similarly to Thors Mjolnir. Besides the usual hack and slash option, the axe can also be hurled around and it comes back to his hand when called. We also see him use a variety of other weapons from a shield to what looks like a halberd of sorts.

Atreus also seems to have certain abilities and skills. He uses these to support his fathers anger management issues through the use of a bow and arrow, a dagger of some sort and maybe even some magic ability.


From what we’ve gleaned, God of War will be available in early 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


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