GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK – What’s hot at the event

With the new GTX Horizons zone demonstrating emerging tech this year, here’s what attendees can dabble in at the show


With the new GTX Horizons zone demonstrating emerging tech this year, here’s what attendees can dabble in at the show

3D Printing


The event’s first-ever live 3D printing exhibition area will include demonstrations using metal, the polymer ABS, plastic and paper, and is sponsored by Jacky’s Business Solutions. This technology is set to revolutionise industries such as manufacturing, medicine, architecture, aerospace and education. Teachers, for example, are encouraging students to apply classroom learnings by making their own prototypes for science models, automobiles, industrial design and architecture. In health care, tablets are being printed, and we could possibly see transplant-ready organs soon.


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Robotics is transforming entire industries. Health care is one, with robotic nurses monitoring patients, medication, sanitation, climate control, reporting data and carrying patients. In retail, robots and virtual assistants can solve queries and guide customers to merchandise locations without being intrusive. At the Robotics Zone, sponsored by DigiRobotics, attendees can learn how to enable robotics for the internet of everything, how smartphones are powering the future of mobile robotics, and platform requirements. The robotics being showcased cover the fields of manufacturing, customer service and exploration.



Drones are already used in construction to inspect development sites for safety, while health-care providers are exploring them as a vehicle to remotely deliver medicine from hospitals to patients. Drones are also being adopted by future city planners to support public safety efforts, and in the education sector to monitor premises and student activity. The Drones Zone, in partnership with the UAE Drones for Good Award, will host the Middle East’s largest-ever live drone activation zone, including a selection of the award winners and leading UAV manufacturers.

Autonomous Vehicles


The region is ready to embrace the autonomous vehicles era, with future city plans potentially leading to a dramatic decrease in car accidents, along with time savings through better regulated traffic on roads. With self-driving vehicles a key part of future city plans, attendees can learn about Big Data in the connected car industry and how automakers can keep pace with Silicon Valley for connected cloud-based innovation.


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