Garmin’s TruSwing might bring out the Tiger in you



Wearables, data trackers and action cams are all becoming an important part of sports today. Garmin seems to be encroaching that space at a very rapid pace. Enter TruSwing, a new Golf attachable.


TruSwing for the win

The TruSwing is a small, lightweight golfing companion that gives you accurate and important information to improve your swing, and consequently your handicap.

It is attachable to almost any golf club and is tiny at 2.4 inches and weighs only 28g. Once, you’ve paired it with the Garmin Connect smartphone app (available on Android and iOS), you can view different angles of how you’re hitting the ball, as well as the potential distance and trajectory of it, and use that information to see what you can do to improve your stroke.


Check out the video below to see more: