Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 already being tested?

Samsung will have to make sure the testing process is extensive on their future flagships.


After a forgettable 2016, Samsung is looking to deliver big with its Galaxy S8. While there has been a lot of speculation on hardware, the company will be putting great emphasis on testing procedures. It seems the process is under way already in China and involves both the smaller and larger variants of the Galaxy S8.

Although the testing is being done in China, the international variant of the handset is also in the mix. International variants of the Galaxy S8 carry software versions G950FXXU0APLH and G955FXXU0APLH while the Chinese variants are G9500ZCU0APLF and G9550ZCU0APLF.

What will the future flagships look like?

As both variants are rumoured to sport edge displays, Samsung’s current naming scheme may change once this year’s flagships hit the market. The larger edge variant may now be referred to as the Plus variant. There is nothing more that can be gathered from this leak apart from more reports suggesting the device is to be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which is nothing new.

With the Note line-up taking a big hit last year, the move to introduce a larger Galaxy S device seems apt. Rumours also suggest the return of the S-Pen but whether built-in or as a stand-alone accessory remains a mystery. In any case, it may prove to be a strategy that draws lost customers back to the company.

Samsung is said to unveil its flagships at MWC in February this year. It seems like a good time for the company to begin the testing process as the leak suggests. It is a challenge for Samsung to get it right and we’re looking forward to what the company has in store. Are you going to give Samsung another chance with its upcoming flagships? Let us know what you think.