The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a giant battery


The leaks and rumors for the much-awaited Galaxy Note 9 continue ahead of its August 9 announcement. The National Telecommunications Agency in Brazil confirmed in a leaked document the Galaxy Note 9 will come equipped with a hefty 4,000mAh battery.

Galaxy Note 9: Battery confirmed


The leaked certification document doesn’t reveal much. Rumours about the large battery capacity have been going around for a while now, with multiple sources reporting the same. This document finally confirms it with just over two weeks to go until the official unveiling from Samsung.

A large battery is always a plus. However, thanks to flagship specs, a Super AMOLED screen and an octa-core processor, don’t expect a 4,000mAh to give you days of run time. Definitely expect a comfortable 24 hours, if not more, depending on your usage. Expect more such conformational leaks as the days to the official announcement close in.