Galaxy Note 7 battery plant catches fire in northern China

Factory that used to make batteries for the Samsung device catches fire


With Samsung having concluded the investigation behind exploding Galaxy Note 7 batteries, we all believed the saga was behind us. Recent rumours even pointed to Samsung being in talks with another battery manufacturer for the upcoming Galaxy S8. But there’s been another spark in the story. Literally.

A plant responsible for building some batteries for the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 has caught fire. According to Bloomberg, the fire appeared at a Samsung KDI factory in northern China. The fire doesn’t seem to be a major one but is significant when you consider previous context.

Another view of the fire courtesy Forbes

Having been recalled twice before it was killed due to battery issues, the Note 7 cannot easily be forgotten. Samsung KDI was one of the affiliates to have developed the device’s batteries, so the fire at the plant doesn’t seem surprising. The good news is that nobody seems to have been injured and the flames were quickly extinguished.

Samsung says production has not been affected due to the fire because it happened near a waste site. The site was far clear from the production line where Samsung KDI actually manufactures the battery cells. While the mishap certainly leads to a few chuckles, we just hope none of the batteries responsible for the fire were bound for Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8.