EA teases all the Star Wars games in development


We weren’t expecting much Star Wars news from E3 2016 apart from Battlefront’s latest Cloud City DLC. What we ended up getting was a three-minute video from EA showcasing all its studios that are currently working on Star Wars-related projects and teasing us with a plethora of Star Wars games in all shapes and sizes that is coming soon.

The video reminds Star Wars fans what EA and Lucasfilm promised us when Disney first acquired rights to everything Star Wars: Prepare your wallets because you won’t have enough time and money for all the Star Wars games we’ll be throwing at you.

Since then we’ve seen the marvelous Battlefront game along with a splatter of mobile games, but not much else. What are all of EA’s studios working on then? Well, now we know, sort of.

Movie Studios

We learnt that one of EA’s newest studios, Motive Studios, that’s headed by Assassin’s Creed Producer Jade Raymond is working with DICE on the next Battlefront installment and content from the new movies will be used. We’re unsure if the game will be a direct sequel or something else using the Battlefront name. We’ll know more soon as the expected release is 2017. Exciting!

Star warss e3

We hear from BioWare as well – it created the Star Wars MMORPG: The Old Republic that’s been a fun play for fans of BioWare games and its seminal Knights of the Old Republic game. We are told that BioWare will continue working on expanding the storyline and adding new content to keep players immersed and pull in new players as well.

Visceral Games

Visceral Games is working on an unspecified project and it showed a short-cut scene which looks like a story-based game. It could possibly be based on the unfortunately scrapped Star Wars Level 1313, or something entirely different. Currently set to launch in 2018, so we can hope to know more by E3 2017 maybe?

Criterion games

Criterion is best known for the Burnout series and some of the newer Need for Speed games. It helped DICE create the speeder bike tutorial mission for Star Wars Battlefront and now it is said to be assisting DICE with a VR Star Wars project. It’s a certainty the next Battlefront installment will be in VR because DICE is already readying up Battlefront as one of PlayStation VR’s launch games. Criterion could be working on either or both the VR aspects.


Respawn Entertainment is the studio that brings us the brilliant Titanfall series. We can expect a third-person action-adventure in the Star Wars universe from these guys. This game will be taking place in “a different Star Wars era” – which most likely means it will have nothing to do with the current movies and explore a whole other side, or time of the galaxy.

Star wars e3 2

Finally, we have Capital Games that released the app Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and it promises to keep releasing new content for all the mobile game enthusiasts.