Foxconn Insider spills the beans on Apple’s upcoming devices

The fruit is no longer in the basket.


With Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) just a few hours away, it is Reddit that seems to have garnered mass attention. Three Foxconn employees have posted information about what Apple has planned in terms of hardware for the next twelve months. Although the moderators at Reddit have verified the leaks, the information should still be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, we’ve broken them down below:

iPhone 7s and iPhone X

One of the major smartphone releases of the year has to be the upcoming iPhone. And this leak may be the one that tells us exactly what to expect. For the 7s, the Foxconn employee was quick to mention it would have the traditional aluminium chassis and no support for wireless charging.

On the other hand, the expected iPhone 8 would have a composite glass panel to allow for wireless charging. Referring to it as the iPhone X, they pointed out how the phone may look similar to the current iPhone 7 lineup but with smaller horizontal bezels surrounding the screen.

The middle image seems to be the most similar to the iPhone X according to Foxconn Insider

Speaking of the front, the employees also said that under the screen fingerprint sensors have been put to the test. However, their yield rates have not been very desirable. Thankfully, the speculation about a rearward fingerprint sensor though has been dismissed as they have not encountered any prototypes with the same. That being said, one of the most disappointing pieces of news is that Apple is facing production delays in trying to perfect their tenth-anniversary smartphone.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has not been shy to express his interest in AR technology. And according to Foxconn Insider, glasses are the way Apple will introduce this to the mass public. Allegedly called Project Mirrorshades, a lot of technical detail seems to have been etched into it.

The glasses will consist of a Kopin NED Acetate frame with either a polarized or prescription lens with Zeiss smart optics. They will have in-built noise cancellation and various sensors for step tracking, navigation and head movement. They will be powered by a ceramic battery and will be charged via an inductive circuit.

A concept image of Project Mirrorglass

The major aim of this product would be to integrate head movement to the experience. This could be something that we may find in “yes or no” applications like Tinder where shaking could be used as a “no” and nodding for a “yes”. Additionally, a small capacitive strip on the arm of the glasses could be used to interact with calls via Siri integration.

In terms of styling, the frames are set to be available in different sizes for both men and women in addition to the P3 frame design. These could be updated seasonally and cost $150 to manufacture hinting at a selling price of approximately $600. And in terms of colors, a crystal, champagne and black variant is in the works.

P3 Type Glasses that are also rumored

Yet, we might never see this project in the wild. Because of their “unique design”, there is a 65% chance the glasses may be cancelled due to the difficulty behind producing the batteries.

Siri Speaker

We know Apple is set to reveal their Siri-powered home device at WWDC. But before the official unveiling, we have got some inside scoop about it. Foxconn Insider described it as being similar to the Mac Pro but smaller. However, they have also said there have been many iterations and that they have not seen the device in quite some time.

The home product Apple may have in mind

One of the designs had an in-built camera while the other had a display. Yet, the final iteration could have both intact powered by a modified Apple A9 processor. While the announcement could come soon, it is not very likely at WWDC happening this week according to the Foxconn employees.

Mac, iPad and other accessories

Apple plans to completely overhaul the MacBook series this year. A new MacBook Pro, a more powerful 12-inch MacBook and surprisingly, a new 13-inch MacBook Air are in the works. According to Foxconn Insider, updated designs sporting a glass and black body are being tested with the re-introduction of the “light up” Apple logo. It is said that the appearance would be similar to the black found on the recent iPhone 7 and older iPhone 4.

In terms of the iMac, we will see incremental updates to the internals with a full re-design to accompany smart keys and the Touch Bar together. But once again, this may be delayed until next year.

E-Ink technology may be the future

Lastly, keyboards with “E-Paper technologies and E-ink technologies” are being worked on however there is no expected release with the only piece of news being they will have a low profile appearance.

With the employee’s access being very limited to the iPad, there was not much to say. But they did hint at a rumored third size.

So much is expected from Apple this year and these leaks build our expectations further. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the next year or so. We are particularly excited for the introduction of Project Mirrorglass how it may tie up with the technology to be found in the iPhone X. Let us know what you think about the leaks down below.


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