Four games to keep you up on Halloween night

From the peaks of a remote mountain lodge to the depths of a dystopian underwater city, these games will take you (and your heart) on a roller coaster of fear on Halloween night

Outlast. *Gulp*

We’ve already given a few uber-spooky apps for you to play with this Hallow’s Eve. Here are four games that will leave you looking over your shoulder.

Until Dawn

*Finds body on a hook* "ERRR MAAAH GAAAW RUNNN!"
*Finds body on a hook*

Remember how every 1990s slasher flick featured a group of cardboard cut-out teen characters? Until Dawn has them too, and their survival in your hands. Will you send these walking stereotypes to their grave or help them fight to survive the night? Mr. Robot‘s Rami Malek and Fargo‘s Peter Stormare star in this horror fest set in the remotest of mountain lodges. The game’s Butterfly Effect-style set of outcomes means every decision you make will potentially impact the ending. Additionally, the way you make one character deal with another will improve or worsen relationships, which in turn will open up a new set of possibilities and a range of different endings. Totems lying about the place will reveal one of three things: a character’s death, misfortunate event or a bit of good luck. It’s a tantalising two to three-second glimpse into a possible future that you may or may not see. 

Among the Sleep

"Everything looks so biiig!" Because you're two feet tall
“Everything looks so biiig!”
Because you’re two feet tall

Step into the nappy of a toddler and see the world of an ordinary two-storey home from a different perspective. It’s your second birthday. After a good bit of cake, mummy tucks you in and everything’s good. And then it isn’t. You wake up in the middle of the night with the lights out and your crib overturned. It’s time to explore the vast expanses of your house in a bid to find mummy. Being under two feet tall changes one’s perspective. That shape in front of you could be either desk chair or demon. A coat rack could be something more sinister. But there aren’t any monsters here, right? Besides, if things get too scary, you can always cling to Teddy, a sentient stuffed toy who offers words of wisdom, comfort and leadership during this terrifying night.


Something’s coming.

Mummy… is that you?


"I'll just walk down this corridor... Nope. Nope, nope, nope...." *Turns around shaking head*
“I’ll just walk down this corridor… Nope. Nope, nope, nope….” *Turns around shaking head*

You are a reporter exploring a psychiatric hospital where a shadowy multinational, the appropriately named Murkoff Corporation, has been conducting indecent experiments. You’re armed only with a battery-inefficient camera and notebook. You’re not alone – there are plenty of homicidal patients who’d love to give you an exclusive interview, up close and personal. Your character can’t fight, but he can run, jump and hide. Better hope they don’t find you in that cupboard…


Big Daddies are a big threat, but it's the Little Sisters whose voices and eyes really stay with you...
Big Daddies are a big threat, but it’s the Little Sisters whose voices and eyes really stay with you…

After an awe-inspiring opening, you traipse through dank claustrophobic underwater corridors, hearing the eerie shrieks and mutterings of insane Rapture residents, heavy footsteps of lumbering but lethal Big Daddies accompanied by creepy Little Sisters. The classic horror score doesn’t make things easier. Get us out of here. A remastered edition of this classic recently came out on console.