Flying to South Korea? Don’t forget to collect your Note 5

Samsung Note 6 (actually a 5)
#GNTECH caretaker GKW trying out the Note 5 and Gear S2

Travelling is fun. No denying it. All countries have their respective adverts and PR campaigns to get you to add their locations into your yearly travel itinerary. South Korea wants to trump them all. Beginning from the end of this month, when you visit the beautiful Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul or King Munmu’s Underwater Tomb in Gyeongju, the country wants you to use an indigenous product: The Samsung Note 5.

Yes, you read that right. 250 visitors per week will receive a free Galaxy Note 5 to use for up to five days and SK Telekom will provide 1 GB of data daily. This is all part of a programme to not only boost tourism but also to show off the country’s already world-renowned state-of-the-art tech and wireless network infrastructure.

Apply first

Unfortunately, its not for every single person flying into Seoul. To receive the phone, you first need to apply on the Korean Tourism Organisation website before flying into South Korea. After this process, if selected, you will receive the free device and data for up to five days. The tourism board claims that this year up to 12,000 people will receive an opportunity to see how good the phone is.

So if you’ve not confirmed all your plans for the year, South Korea might just have an extra reason to visit. In case you already have a trip planned after end of February, click here to register.

To learn more about the Note 5, click here.


(Image: Daanesh Kalyaniwalla)


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