Flip! Smart Stylus: Kick it and Erase it


Remember back in school, when we had our trust pencil with its tiny pink eraser on the back that let us undo those countless errors we made every day?

The Flip by Lynktec wants to recreate just that. Although it may look like any other stylus, the Flip is actually incredibly intuitive and handles the switch from writing to erasing with ease and without the need for constant charging or connecting via Bluetooth. The project is getting a lot of hype on Kickstarter this week, so we decided to check up on it.

All you need to do is perform as its namesake says. It automatically detects that you want to erase something and performs the function seamlessly. The Flip also has very useful interchangeable magnetic tips. With these, all kinds of users from artists to professionals will be able to draw, sketch and paint.

The Flip uses a very unique method of communication with any iOS device (no Android yet) so it can write on an iPhone or iPad just like a pen on paper. In the past, advanced smart stylus features like flip to erase, palm rejection, and others have required complex electronics. To improve upon this, the Flip is powered with magnets. The rare earth magnets produce an exact invisible magnetic field that is always on, just like the earth’s magnetic field.

The TruGlide Mesh Tip has a 6mm nib and is ideal for note taking, drawing and sketching. The Artist Brush Tip has conductive fibers that allow to create brush strokes as naturally as if you were doing the same on paper or canvas. There is also a Precision Cross Tip with a 2mm flex rod for detailed drawing and sketching.

The Flip is aware of where it is on the screen and refuses anything else that might interfere with it, like your hand. Another very cool feature is its Hover and Zoom feature that allows the Flip to zoom in to your work to continue working in greater detail.

If you want to get your hands on one, head over to the Kickstarter page and back the project before time’s up. It comes in Space Gray and Matte Black and backing starts at $35 (Dh 130).